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Edge network deployments face major scaling challenges

Over 500% more POPs

mmWave radio spectrum requires more antenna POPs than the traditional mid-band spectrum employed by 4G. Unlike 4G, 5G will require small cells to be deployed indoors.

More Data Centers

5G, IoT, and e-sports will require small data centers to be dispersed geographically to meet the latency requirements of 5G.

Capacity Demands

An estimated 22 billion devices will require installation and connectivity by 2025. Many of these devices will transmit mission critical telemedicine, industrial, and transportation data.

Flood of Data

5G and IoT will create more data than existing infrastructure can transport and process using existing infrastructure.

Cloud Native Support

With 3GPP's release 16, standalone RAN can now be deployed cloud natively to the edge. Current container orchestration utilities do not account for the complex race conditions and failover support required for high availability MEC networks.

Mission Critical Demands

Standalone 5G Networks must provide absolute resiliency. Current RAN CNF offerings do not provide sufficient measures for mission critical workflow and application deployment routing.

XG's Solutions

XG solves these scaling problems through innovation and collaboration

POP Revenue Sharing

Our Edge Core™ platform allows for automated roaming settlement and real-time revenue recognitions. The margins freed up by automation allow for effective revenue sharing.

Data Center Revenue Sharing

Properties equipped with the full suite of XG Edge devices will benefit from real-time mitigation of risks and climate control optimization. This data may also be made available to impact conscious investors.

Smarter Properties

Property owners who host micro-edge data centers [MDC] will share in the revenues generated by the new demands for AI/ML.

On Premise Data Processing

Properties will not only be able to process its own data, but also valuable data collected by surrounding devices.

XG Edge Core™

XG’s proprietary Edge Core™ technology uses blockchain and distributed routing technologies to solve the complex demands of cloud native MEC deployments.

Reliable Cloud Native Function

XG Edge Core's™ workload routing ensures absolute availability for mission critical, cloud native functions [CNF] at the furthest reaches of any MEC network.

Data Centers

GPU Accelerated Micro Data Centers

Cloud Native vRAN with XG Edge Core™

5G will allow for Radio Access Networks [RAN] to be virtualized, meaning RAN software can be installed on servers much like an app would be installed on your phone. This allows telcos, e-sports platforms, and application developers to deploy their software to our micro data centers.


The physical distribution of our data centers puts the software closer to the users and devices. This reduces costs and latency by optimizing the route that data must travel over the network. Distribution also allows for redundancy to ensure network resilience in the event of hardware failure, natural disasters, or spikes in demand.

Eco Friendly

Our data centers are cooled by liquid, rather than air. This results in up to a 90% reduction in energy consumption. In some cases the hot water created when cooling can be reused to reduce existing energy costs.

Minimal Footprint

Our footprint can be as small as a water cooler. Because we use liquid for cooling, less space is required for air to flow. Additionally, we utilize Graphics Processing Units [GPU] to fit more compute power into less space.

Physically Resilient, Stable, and, Secure

Our impenetrable tanks create absolute stability for valuable compute resources. Liquid protects the equipment from dangers such as dust, vibrations, and temperature variance. This stable environment allows us to push the equipment to its limits, far exceeding manufacturer specifications.


MEC as a Service Offerings

Market Analysis

XG will assess the demands and opportunities in a given market, outlining target verticals and use cases.

Network Planning

Based on the market research and the bespoke requests of our clients, XG will determine how the physical nodes can best be configured and distributed to optimize performance and revenues.

Site Acquisition

XG will work with asset partners to acquire rights to the real estate that best fits the footprint requirements developed by the Network Planning team.

Hardware Deployment

Our Deployment team will prepare the sites for installation, manage the hardware supply chain, and install data centers.

Network Monitoring and Management

Our Network Operations team will continuously monitor the performance of network and the smart contracts responsible for paying revenue shares while training AI routing models to increase performance.

Network Maintenance

Our Deployment team will service sites identified by the NOC team as distressed or underperforming. The Deployment team is also responsible for ensuring that each site is inspected at regular intervals.

Continuously Integrated Software Updates and Upgrades

Our NOC team ensure that all network functions are updated regularly to reflect latest improvements and security measures.

Data Driven Scaling on Demand

Our NOC team will identify opportunities to improve network performance by adding nodes or upgrading existing nodes.

Use Cases

GPU Accelerated MEC Use Cases

Virtualized Radio Access Networks [vRAN]

With the advent of the 3GPP’s release 16, standalone 5G will usher in a new era of disaggregated, open RAN. Open RAN allows for virtualization and cloud native deployment. XG’s GPU MEC is ideal for software defined radios [SDR] that use AI/ML to optimize antenna performance through smart spectrum analysis.

Internet of Things [IoT]

With billions of devices collecting data, computational power at the edge helps reduce network backhaul while providing dramatically lower response times back to the devices. For properties housing an XG Edge MDC, real-time property data can provide valuable insights and risk mitigation utilities.


Competitive gamers require little to no latency. The XG Ping™ gaming platform puts powerful graphics processing units closer to the users, dramatically reducing latency and providing customers with a competitive edge.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure [VDI]

With workforces moving more and more towards remote work environments, enterprise IT managers need to maintain control over their employee workspaces. XG CUBE™ VDI allows IT managers to effectively maintain high performing remote workspaces.

Video Transcoding/Encoding

Surveillance video and OTA broadcast capture a large volume of bandwidth. By encoding this these video stream at the edge, network backhaul can be dramatically reduced. Additionally, the video streams can be converted to computer vision or ran through real-time event detection algorithms.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles will need to access close-proximity, real-time artificial intelligence. In addition to intelligence needed for autonomy, edge locations will also run valuable fleet tracking, supply chain, and dignostics applications.

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